What is LipH™?

LipH™ is a modified value-added silicon-based alkaline solution with a pH of 13.7.

What does the solution do?

LipH™ enhances and boosts the body’s natural ability to heal itself while strengthening the immune system.

Do you have testing that shows LipH is safe?

Yes, all LipH products have passed both independent laboratory and university safety testing. You can review the research on LipH by going to http://liphresearch.com/ct

How do I take this product?

For support, mix premium product LipH™ Concentrate (2.0 oz. bottle), with one gallon of drinking water. Many customers take one to two ounces twice per day. For health maintenance, (or when no known health condition is present and to assist in offsetting unhealthy eating habits), we suggest taking the 1 oz. Concentrated Drops. Most customers carry this compact sized product with them and add 4 to 10 drops to their drinks (tea, juices, water, etc.) depending on drink size, while on the go.

Can I mix the formula with juice or drinks?

Absolutely. LipH™ has a unique taste (which only lasts for a few seconds) and is easily hidden by adding it to your juice, tea, or favorite drink.

Are there any side effects and will this have any effects on medications that I am taking?

To date no adverse reactions have been reported. To the contrary, in an independent laboratory study, our product was used in conjunction with a commonly prescribed medication. The result was that the efficacy of the prescription medication was improved, and the common side effects associated with the medication were reduced.

How long before I can expect to see the benefits?

This answer varies from person to person depending on their individual health and diet. Many customers report immediate effects while others have reported results that became evident beginning 2 to 4 weeks after taking the LipH™ solution. Our most common answer is that a customer saw or felt noticeable effects within the first week of taking the solution.

Has the product received FDA approval?

Our products are not medicines and not intended to be used as medicines. The LipH™ products are new and exciting Dietary Mineral Supplements.

Can I give the formula to my pets?

We have many customers, as well as members of our staff, that have given LipH™ to their pets with excellent results.